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I grew up in a working class family in Hempfield Township—my father owns a window and carpet cleaning business and my mother handled the bookkeeping, scheduling, and finances for it. She did this while also taking care of my brothers and I while we were in school. Although this was a standard structure for most families, what was different was that my mother was in charge of the finances; she handled the money the business was making. She could make the money stretch. I remember the cutting of grocery coupons and her ability to budget out the money from my their business. I think I gained my fascination with money and finance from her. And although we fell on many hard times my parents always found a way to overcome the obstacles that would get in the way financially. I watched my parents pick their heads up and forge ahead, not allowing anything or anyone in their way.

At the age of sixteen, my mother passed away from ovarian cancer. My younger brothers were only thirteen and ten, unexpectedly putting me in a maternal position at a rather early age and put my father into a dual role of mother & father. In the middle of my senior year in high school I had moved out of my father’s house at age seventeen and by twenty-one I purchased my first home. I had carried with me the value of hard work both had instilled in me and the way my mother had always held on budgeting money, allowing me to be financially independent at a young age.

Before joining Kattan Ferretti Financial in 2017, I had 12 years of experience in financial services at PNC. I worked with clients & their financial planning, investments, portfolio building, management, banking, consumer and business lending, as well as several other areas in managing money throughout my career.

My objective is to make investing easy to understand for all of my clients. Men and women think about money differently; 85% of financial advisors are men, and women need to hear from a voice that better understands how they view their finances. The more they understand what is happening, without having to deal with all the financial jargon, the more successful they can be in becoming financially independent & confident themselves.

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