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Suzanne grew up in a home watching and helping her mother build items for their home, such as their porch, her bed, tree house, etc. She would watch her father work on their automobiles. Suzanne would often graciously (enter sarcasm here) go with her father to clean carpets and windows at clients homes and commercial spaces. Her mother’s family owned a small construction business so Suzanne was around contractors on a regular basis watching how everything worked together, from plumbing to electric to laying flooring. At a young age, Suzanne knew she wanted to not only be around the investment world, but to own, flip and rent real estate and grow a company from scratch.

In addition to owning real estate privately, Financially Leading Women has partnered to co-own City Cribs LLC and Value Investment Partners LLC.

As of now, City Cribs LLC is in the middle of a large Commercial Project at 136 S Pennsylvania Ave in the heart of the City of Greensburg. They’ve recently purchased another commercial property on Main Street and second on South Pennsylvania Avenue.

Value Investment partners just wrapped up a major 3 story flip on Main Street in Greensburg and is currently looking for their next project.

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Financially Leading Women is excited to expand its portfolio with the purchase of RSVP alongside Merrill Varchetti and Elizabeth Snowman. Together, they combine their skillset to continue the vision Carol Vallozzi and Susan Snowman set out while expanding the business everyone has grown to love. We are excited to bring an online presence, add more pieces to the collection, and to soon add a second location.

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