Women in Finance: For a Different Reason?

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More and more women are entering the finance industry, breaking the gender gap and traditional beliefs that it was a man’s game. Once riddled with men, the world of finance became a popular career choice for those who enjoyed fatter pockets. However, as more women become involved, they enter the industry for it’s true purpose, helping others.

The entire industry began with the goal of assisting citizens of all incomes reach their financial goals, whatever that may be. Whether it was to get out of debt, prepare for a child’s education, retire, or maximize income, professionals were there to assist you. As the years went on and commissions began to increase, however, dozens of people saw it as an opportunity to grow their own pockets and lose sight of the foundation of a finance career. Women enter this workforce not just to pay the bills, but to truly make a difference. They find great reward in helping people put more money back in their pockets. They wake up in the morning eager to help a small business grow or to get someone a few steps closer to retirement. The sheer joy of knowing they are able to make a difference and help someone is what drives them.

Women also tend to be a bit more involved in the community, they love giving back and helping people grow, and this is in fact one of the main ways they grow their own business. Community interaction is a huge part of what helps female financial professionals gain more clients. They involve themselves in charities, fundraisers, events, you name it, and they interact with the people there. They become friends first and learn about their lives and then they find a way in which they can help. This is a much healthier relationship than the pocket-fattening attitude that began to dilute this world.

We here at Financially Leading Women witnessed people get taken advantage of first hand and decided to step in. We are here to make a difference, to fix what is broken. Involved in dozens of community efforts, our goal is to help as many people as we possibly can. Women are changing the culture and trailblazing a new future for finance professionals. They strive to grow their own brand and bring the business back to its roots and we are a huge believer in this change and are here to do our part in helping change the game and the community.


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